My name is Simon and I am the creator of I started this blog because The creator of Mens Health and Fitnessof my interest in health, fitness, exercise, diet, grooming, fashion and all things that are important in a man’s world.

At school I was never the team player type but loved cross country running.  Since then I have taken up swimming, hiking, cycling, tai chi, resistant training and yoga.

Of course, no amount of exercise is going to do much good if you don’t look after your diet too. Having been brought up on the traditional British diet of meat, potatoes and vegetables and having suffered from debilitating eczema and asthma as a child, in my teens I started to investigate how changes in diet and plant-based medicine can heal common health conditions.

My first foray into seeing how diet profoundly affect health was when, quite by accident, I read a newspaper article about a mother whose kids suffered, like me, from asthma and eczema. She took them off cows milk and their health vastly improved. I did the same and got the same result!

This deepened my interest to such an extent I eventually became vegetarian and semi-vegan (I still love eggs and honey!). I realised that by not eating meat, not only did my own health and weight improve but, if we all did it, the planet’s ecosystem would improve as well and much of the pollution and degradation our environment suffers from now would be eliminated.  That’s why you will see that this site has a distinct vegetarian slant.  I am not out to preach or convert, just lay the information in front of you to make up your own mind.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this site and that it helps you, even in a small way, to better health, fitness and happiness.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your stay and come back soon.