Advanced Bodyweight Exercises

Advanced Bodyweight Exercises

Welcome to our bonus chapter! Are you ready to try some more advanced Bodyweight Training exercises?

These are great for after you establish a strength and fitness foundation and are ready to take things to the next level.

The idea Bodyweight Training is just for fitness newbies and the inexperienced is so far from true it’s laughable. If anyone ever tells you that, challenge them to get their butt off the leg press and have a battle of Burpees. Or to leave the Lat Pulldown alone and try to do a Muscle Up.

Should they accept prepare to have a huge laugh at their expense!

Incorporate these Advanced Bodyweight Training Exercises into your routine and the world better beware!

The Burpee. The Burpee is a favorite total body conditioning exercise as well as cardio builder. Beloved by American and British Special Forces as well as maximum security prisoners (!!!) world wide. When you can do 500 in a row you are officially approaching superhuman.

1. Stand up straight feet shoulder width apart.
2. Drop into a squat.
3. Kick feet back into a push up position.
4. Lower into push up.
5. Push back up.
6. Kick feet into bottom squat position, explode upward
into a jump extending arms overhead.
7. Repeat.

The Hindu Pushup. Also called the Dand this is an exercise that built explosive power in Indian wrestlers for a thousand years. It’s now used by mixed martial artists who are addicted to the total body workout it provides.

One of my favorites.

1. Feet on the floor hand in pushup position form a “V” with body. This resembles Downward Facing Dog if you are familiar with yoga.

2. Lower yourself down elbows tucked in as if you were ducking under a rope.
3. Immediately curl up your spine as if you were coming up on other side of rope.
4. Return to start position.
5. Hindu pushups are similar to dive bomber pushups which you may have seen at one time or another.

I saved the toughest for last…

The Muscle Up Pullup. Make no mistake when you start
pounding out Muscle Ups you are officially a Bodyweight
Training master. It takes many fit trainers YEARS to get
their first full Muscle Up. If you apply yourself and hit
your Pull ups and Dips without fail it won’t take you
nearly as long, When you are ready here’s how they are

1. Do a normal pull up, but end as high as possible. Ideally the bar should be touching your waste.
2. Kick (or “kip” to use a CrossFit term) your legs to give you added momentum if necessary. However you make it the goal is to get your body on top of the bar!
3. Immediately do a press up as if you were on dip bars. Lock out your elbows for a second and look at your amazed admirers.
4. Dip down and up again.
5. Return to bottom pull up position.
6. Repeat. If you can!
7. Put video on YouTube.

You are now a Bodyweight Training Jedi!

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

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