I ejaculate too soon. What’s the best way to control ejaculation?

“I ejaculate too soon. What’s the best way to control ejaculation?”

Premature ejaculation, or the inability to last as long in bed as we want to, is a problem that majority of men face. Statistics shows us that 8 out of 10 men can only last for 2 minutes or less. To understand why this happens, let’s look at how sex happens for millions of men.

For most men, sex starts off in a carefree way. The progression from foreplay to penetration happens very quickly. And after just a few minutes, pleasurable sensations build up rapidly. Before long, a man reaches the point of no return and realizes that he’s going to explode. By the time they reach the point of no return, the sensations are so overwhelming that it’s no longer possible to stop.

One of first thing I always teach men when it comes to controlling premature ejaculation is the Stimulation Awareness Scale. This is a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is not stimulated at all, and 10 which is the climax. On this scale, the point of no return would be an 8. Once a man reaches this level on the scale, it’s near impossible to reverse it.

How should men use this scale? Well, from the time sex is initiated, a man should keep tabs on his stimulation level, and think about where he is on this scale. If he is keeping tabs, then he can take evasive action when he is at a 6 or a 7 to delay ejaculation and bring stimulation levels down to a 3 or a 4.

Prolonged sex happens when you are able to go from 1 to a 7, then back down to a 3 or 4, up again, then back down on the stimulation. Keep on doing this until both you and your partner are ready for you to come.

The author, Edward White, is an expert on teaching men how to completely overcome premature ejaculation. He is also the author of the Prejaculation Manual, which guarantees instant and permanent results when it comes to lasting longer in bed.

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