Turning Up the Dial on Sexual Pleasure and Performance

Turning Up the Dial on Sexual Pleasure and Performance

Woody Allen once said that “sex was the most fun he had had without laughing”. Sex certainly is a funny thing, both ‘ha ha’ funny and strange funny. If sex makes you laugh and giggle with the sheer uninhibited joy and pleasure of it all, more power to you. Sex should be fun. It’s also funny strange. Let’s face it, we are not long out of the trees so our primeval brains are still absolutely obsessed with sex and/or procreation. It’s only natural. We will probably only become a little less preoccupied with sex when we evolve into higher beings of pure thought and energy. “Life but not as we know it” as Mr Spock would say.

So while we still have physical bodies that bless us with this addictive pleasure, sex will always be either at the center or somewhere slightly off to the left of our lives. Yet, for thousands of years, various religions, in their quest for our hearts, minds, and souls, but never our genitals, have tried to convince us that this huge part of our existence, this undeniable biological reality, does not exist and so preached that we should deny our animalistic urges. They tried to convince us that sex is, at best, something evil to be denied and expunged from our thoughts and loins.

But despite all that pious condemnation from the pulpit, here we are in the 21st century still thinking about it, talking about it and doing it as often as possible. It has only been since the latter half of the 20th century that we have finally thrown off the shackles of dogma-induced guilt and shame, embraced our baser natures and began to explore our full sexual potential and this section hopes to contribute to that exploration.

Let me ask you a question you might not hear from your mates down at the bar over a beer or six – unless you are all terribly drunk. How was it for you? When you last had sex or masturbated did the earth move?

Was it Christmas, the 4th of July and your birthday all wrapped up in one sweet moment of ecstatic pleasure? Was the pleasure so intense, so powerful that you thought you had been wrapped up in pure joy and all-consuming mind-blowing sensation? Did you scream so loud with ecstasy that they heard you in the next town? No? If not, I am not surprised.

In my research for this section I watched quite a lot of Internet videos of men doing what comes naturally, either alone or with someone else, and I noticed one thing above all others.

Their orgasms seemed to be pretty much a non-event. Pleasurable? Most probably. A big relief? Most definitely. But blow-your-brains-out, eye-popping, scream-your-head-off explosive? No.

Oh, there was the odd squint of pleasure, a curled lip, a quiet sigh, a twitch or two but, had you been looking at their faces from the neck up, they could just as easily have been urinating or scratching an itch. And that puzzled me until I realized the problem and found the solution.

So if your climax is not all it could or should be or you would like to make it a whole lot more than it is right now, read on and find out how practicing an easy-to-learn special ‘sexercise’ in your spare time can not only make sex a lot more fun but positively out of this world. It can be achieved in as little as sex weeks using a deceptively easy-to-learn, simple and discreet technique.

When you need to improve the performance of any part of our body, you exercise. Your penis is no exception! This simple technique could help you to both multiply your pleasure and last longer in bed.

Thousands of men have used this special exercise program to drastically improve their sex lives. They now enjoy more powerful and pleasurable orgasms and so can you if you follow this program and perform the exercises on a regular basis.

If you are one of those people who will run in the opposite direction at the mere thought of having to do exercise, don’t worry. This ‘work out’ does not involve going to the gym, lifting weights, swimming lengths or pounding the streets.

It’s easy to do, simple to learn and can be done anywhere either sitting down or standing up, and no-one else will know you are doing it!

It’s time to stop putting up with so-so sex. This section will show you how to get your biggest, best, most mind-blowing, toe curling, foundation-shaking, roof-lifting orgasms ever and exert more control over your ejaculatory response.

Your sex life is about to change for the better. Imagine surprising your partner with the best sex of their and your life. No more embarrassing moments, no more disappointment and no longer do you have to worry about drifting apart due to lack of sexual satisfaction.

If you are alone this book will help you take masturbation to a whole new level of intense pleasure and satisfaction. Old or young, gay or straight, these amazing benefits are permanent will last a lifetime. Sounds too good to be true? It all began some years ago when I was leafing through a ‘how to’ sex manual (now out of print) and came across a brief two sentence paragraph that mentioned a doctor’s name and a part of the body I’d never heard of. That was it, nothing else.
I asked my friends if they knew about this mysterious, yet highly powerful, thing they had in their body that could change their sex lives for ever. All I got back was a blank stare. Suitably intrigued, I started doing some in-depth research in libraries, reference books and on the Internet and found out some amazing facts.

The exercise that you will learn has been practiced in China and India for thousands of years. These ancient societies viewed the human body as a vessel full of life energy. In China this energy was called Qi (Chi) whilst in India it was referred to as Prana. These great philosophies also believed this mysterious energy could ‘leak out’ and weaken the body.

So, in order to stop this energy escaping out of their orifices, they devised special techniques that strengthened the areas in and around their genitals and anus which gave them much greater muscular control down below. This enabled them to ‘close up’ the holes and hold in their energy for better health and a longer life.

Thousands of years later, in the mid 20th century, this same strengthening system was being taught by a Professor of Gynecology at the University Of Southern California School Of Medicine in Los Angeles to a certain group of ladies.

As you may or may not know, a lady’s vagina is a very muscular organ but nine months of pregnancy and the physical trauma of childbirth leaves things stretched and loose. Without much vaginal muscular control problems can arise such as incontinence and lack of sensitivity during sex. So this doctor taught them an exercise designed to tighten up the muscles in that region. These pelvic floor exercises are routinely taught in post natal classes to help women recover lost tone and strength in that area.

After practicing the exercises, the doctor’s patients confided to him that, as their pelvic muscles got stronger, they experienced an unforeseen, but very pleasant, side effect in the form of much more powerful and intense orgasms. In some cases patients who had never had an orgasm before were now enjoying a whole new world of physical sensation.

In both sexes, an orgasm is a very muscular event. The involuntary and rapid rhythmic contractions of muscles in the genital area are what produce the exquisite pleasure enjoyed during sexual climax so the stronger these ladies muscles became the bigger and stronger and more pleasurable their orgasms became too!

As I hinted in the previous paragraph, it’s not only women that have these special, pleasure giving ‘sex muscles’, men do to. I’ve never found out by whom or how it was that discovered that men could also perform a similar kind of exercise and enjoy the same mind-blowing benefits as women can but thousands of men around the world use this special, easy-to-learn technique to drastically improve their sex lives. They now enjoy more powerful, pleasurable orgasms and a much enhanced sex life. And you can too!

But that’s not all. This section will also investigate other natural ways you can permanently boost your sex life, such as increasing your libido, increasing the size of your penis and overcoming common sexual problems such as impotence and premature ejaculation without the need for drugs or surgery. Sex is about to get a whole lot more fun.

Let’s get started in the next article.

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